• Our Mission

    Cultivate the local human resources thereby contributing towards the Saudization process in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by improving their technical Knowledge, Skill and Attitude (KSA)..

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    Total Floor Area 7,756 m². The dormitory facility of SJAHI can accommodate 400 students. This facility is intended for the students coming from outside Jeddah. The dormitory is designed to complement the study requirement of the student.

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    The Curriculum of SJAHI is designed to create a professionally trained Auto Technician with real practical work experience comparable to the standard of a 3rd grade Japanese Auto Technician.

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Interested students can register online through SJAHI website, www.sjahi.org or contact any JADIK company branch or SJAHI Student Affairs department

About Us

The Saudi Japanese Automobile High Institute (SJAHI) stands as a concrete manifestation of the long history of good-will and cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Government of Japan.SJAHI provides job-oriented technical training for young Saudi high school graduates having a zest for the Automobile Technology and maintenance field with a distinct perspective in Japanese automobiles.

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Skill Buildings

The No. 1 priority of SJAHI is to improve work ethics of students

Industry Partners

SJAHI is committed to offering the best education and training possible by partnering with industry-leading corporations

On Job Training Programs

SJAHI provides real-life work experience through on-the-job Training at the JADIK workshops

Career Counselling

SJAHI is committed to helping students launch successful careers in the automotive industry


Non Technical Subjects


Student Success Rate


Student Engagement


Technical Courses

Our Courses

EDUCATION Management Team

  • Hattan Nadhira

  • Akira Fujiwara

    Japanees Expert
  • Masatake Shiratori

    Japanees Expert
  • Mohammed Junaid

    Student Affair Manager
  • Hatem Al-Radadi

    Student Advisor Manager

Our Graduates Success Stories

I am very fond of my work and I take sheer interest in receiving support from newly-graduate peers. I am indebted to the Saudi Japanese Automobile High Institute for boosting my work-morale, help me to master my skills, and embrace highly acknowledged work-ethics. Since 2014 I serve Mazda as  Maintenance Manager. 


Omar Abdul Wahab Mohammad Alvi

7th batch student, Graduated in 2010

Manager of Mazda Maintenance

I received the honor of being titled the ‘Ideal Student’. I single-handedly established an Automobile Maintenance Workshop. In fact, what truly played a major role in my journey towards success is seizing the opportunity of studying at SJAHI. For this choice helped me to realize my dream.


Jamil Ahmed Ahmed Etema

SJAHI 11th batch student, Graduated in 2014

Own Business

Without a shroud of doubt, the accomplishment I have willingly made possible would have been next to impossible, if it hadn’t been by the aid of Allah -the most exalted-, then by being committed to the utmost to achieving my goal, and then in deed by seeking my Technical Diploma at the SJAHI. 


Abdullah Yahya Qazi

SJAHI 2nd batch student, Graduated in 2005

Development Department GM ALJ, Toyota